Rules & Regulations

The AMADEUS COMPOSITION AWAR comprises 2 rounds (Online)

Competition Format



Applicants must submit scores and optionally a video recording of their performances (YouTube or Vimeo link) on our page titled „APPLAY NOW“. The maximum allowed length of the composition: 30 minutes.

Entrants may submit only a single peace and a single video link.  The video recorded on the YouTube or Vimeo link must have been recorded no more than 24 months prior to the date of your application.

Only those selected in the qualifying round (preliminary screening) are eligible to advance to the final round (the same entry video will be used for both rounds).


Qualified participants will receive an email notification/invitation with instructions on how to participate in the final round and pay the processing fee of EURO 75. (Please note that this fee is non-refundable).


AMADEUS COMPOSITION AWARD is announced in the category’s:

  • Instrumental MusicSolo Concerto: This category is dedicated to compositions written for a solo instrument and orchestra. It awards works for solo instruments such as piano, violin, cello, flute, or other instruments that showcase exceptional virtuosity and musical brilliance.
  • Orchestral composition: This category specifically focuses on compositions for orchestra. It awards symphonic works, concertos for solo instruments and orchestra, or other compositions written for larger ensembles.
  • Chamber music composition: This category recognizes works for smaller ensembles such as string quartets, wind ensembles, or mixed chamber music formations.
  • Vocal or Choral Music: This category focuses on compositions for choir or vocal ensembles. It recognizes both a cappella works and those with instrumental accompaniment, encompassing the diversity of choral music and vocal expressions.
  • Electronic Music (Here, works that utilize electronic sounds, synthesizers, sampling, and other digital technologies to create sonic landscapes are awarded). 
  • Music for Film and Media (This category is dedicated to the composition of soundtracks and musical works for films, television shows, video games, or other media formats. It focuses on how music contributes to the atmosphere, storytelling, and emotional impact of a visual project).



  • Originality of idea
  • Professionalism (confident mastery of composer skills)
  • Quality of performance


Age Group:

From 16 to No age Limit

Scoring points for the Prizes

90-100 Points – Finalist
80-89 Points – Second Prize (1R)
71-79 Points – Third Prize (1R)
(1R) – 1st Qualification Round

jury and grading system

The work of the jury is governed by special rules. The members of the jury are selected from a group of renowned composers and educators. All decisions of the Jury are final and irrevocable.

The scores and video link will be evaluated by the jury on the basis of the scores and or video material submitted by each participant. The final selection of winners will be based solely on the submitted scores and or video footage. The judges are independent, and their students may not participate in the competition. The jury’s vote is strictly confidential and will not be shared or published. All decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable.

Those who took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place will receive a Certificate. It is possible that some special Certificate will be awarded.